Tarp sale!

Hey all - we are running a sale on our Mountain Mist flat tarps. Prices start from $149.95 for the 2,7 x 2.1. Sewn by us in Deloraine, Tasmania and made from Xenon Sil(poly) in either blue or dark olive.

The Mist range of tarps offer some versatility for ground and hammock campers alike.Silpoly offers a few advantages over traditional silnylon including better UV resistance, less water absorption, less stretch and less sag. When new silpoly does have a lower tear strength than a comparable silnylon but over the years that we have been making silpoly tarps we have yet to have a fabric failure.

This sale will last until we decide to end it.

Lead times are currently 4-5 weeks for tarps.

Click on the photo's for more information.

Posted 23 February 2019