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Deep VS. Shallow cooking pots

25 August 2018

Shallow/wide pots The original shallow shape pots from Evernew have a wider bottom surface which makes them more efficient to absorb heat when you are using moderate to high heat. When using high...

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New Mist Tarp

18 August 2018

We have just drawn up a new Mist tarp which measures 2.7m x 2.7m. Basically a scaled down version of our old 3x3 with a few changes and lots of tie outs for multiple pitch configurations. Made from...

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Initial Evernew order due this week.

15 May 2018

Initial Evernew order due this week! Originally operating out of a small Tokyo store front in the 1920s, Evernew have spent over 90 years designing, manufacturing, and reinventing quality products...

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Evernew Japan - order update

11 May 2018

There has been a minor delay in our initial Evernew order and Evernew Japan have said that it will now be posted early next week. So with some luck we will have it a week after that. You can check...

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