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Mulga Cord 1.8

18 March 2020

New A new cord deserves an introductory sale.Mulga Cord 1.8 is a UHMWPE (one of the world's strongest fibres) single braid 12 strand cord with a breaking strength of 420kg and a diameter of...

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Reflective Glowire Cord For Tents and Tarps

07 March 2019

A box of Reflective Glowire from Lawson Equipment arrived this morning. The best reflective cord on the market. Made in the USA by a guy who just lives and breathes cord. Lawson essentially makes it...

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Reflective Glowire

18 February 2019

Hi all - we have had a few enquiries about reflective cord and we are pleased to say that 2mm and 3mm Reflective Glowire cord is due back in stock soon = hopefully about 2 weeks. It is made in the...

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