Reflective Glowire

Hi all - we have had a few enquiries about reflective cord and we are pleased to say that 2mm and 3mm Reflective Glowire cord is due back in stock soon = hopefully about 2 weeks. It is made in the USA by Lawson Equipment and is the best reflective cord available in our view.

It is specifically designed to be used as a guyline for low stretch applications such as guying out tents, tarps and shelters. The cord is constructed with a High Tenacity UV Resistant Polyester Jacket, two super reflective 3M Scotchlite tracers, and an Extra High Tenacity Polyester Parallel Fiber Core. This results in a finished product that is strong, low stretch, uv resistant, and very tangle resistant. The reflective tracers work like a road sign, when you hit it with a light, the reflective tracers reflect the light and it shines right back at you.

Comes in 50ft (15m) hanks.

2mm and 3mm diameter available in black, orange, lime and yellow.

Size: 2mm (5/64"), Weight Per Foot: .04oz (1.13grams), Avg. Break Strength: 225lbs (102kg)
Size: 3mm (1/8"), Weight Per Foot: .08oz (2.26grams), Avg. Break Strength 450lbs (204kg)

Posted 18 February 2019