Quenda Quilts and general news

Hi all -

Just an update on our Quenda quilts and other offerings. We are still catching up on our current orders and continue to be behind. I expect the Quenda quilts to be available again on our site in 2 weeks or thereabouts, but this will be restricted so that we don't become overwhelmed again.

With regards to the products we make we will be moving to batch sewing eventually and paring back the options we offer to be more efficient and hopefully get some product on the shelves. This may take 12 weeks or so but in the meantime I would envisage our lead times will remain at 8 weeks or more. Moving to this mode of production in the future will mean people will have to wait until we make a product available prior to purchasing. Custom orders will be considered but it won't be our primary mode of production.

Some of the changes you may now notice on our site are:
*Mountain Mist flat tarp available only in one size 2.7 x 2.1m.
*Torrent hammock tarp available only in 3.5m and 3.5m with doors.
*Mala under quilts available in one size only - 195 in various temp ratings.
*Goshawk hammocks available in only single layer

As mentioned previously we now have Hannah helping with sewing our Peregrine hammocks and these will be available only when they are in stock. There are now some in stock!

The DIY side of our business will cease at the end of this week, and this will free Sarah up to help more with the manufacturing side of our business.

All these changes are designed to make us more efficient, allow us to continue to make good quality Australian made products and offer better customer service, whilst at the same time give us a life so we can actually go out and enjoy the outdoors like our customers on a more regular basis.

In the meantime we have now made the Mala under quilts available again for order but as mentioned we will only be offering the Mala 195 in the various temp ratings. We will look at adding new sizes later in the year.

Thanks everyone for your support and patience, or at least your reluctant acceptance.


Posted 27 June 2018