Quenda quilt - updated baffle design

Sarah and I have re-designed our Quenda quilt baffle system.

The horizontal baffles at the core of the quilt have been retained with them still being offset trapezoidal baffles in the -7 and -12c ratings, but we have added two vertical baffles either side of the quilt running from head to toe.

The addition of the vertical baffles helps reduce the baffle width at the core of the quilt, that is, the part of the quilt laying on top of you. The widest horizontal baffle is just over 90cm in width and tapers gradually down to about 54cm at the feet (for our regular width quilts). This new baffle design has many benefits including:
  • reducing unwanted movement of down whilst you are sleeping. This movement of down can be a concern for 'busy' sleepers and those choosing wider quilts. The smaller baffle width helps maintain the down in the core of the quilt keeping you consistently warmer.
  • the ability to custom fill specific sections of the quilt depending on an individuals personal requirements. For example, more insulation can be added at the hips for those who feel the cold in that area. The reduced width of the horizontal baffles means that any additional down that added is kept to an absolute minimum and targets the specific area in question at both a minimal weight and cost penalty. This cannot be done with a vertical baffled quilt and is less efficient in a full width horizontal baffled quilt.
  • reduced weight. The vertical baffles situated along the edge of the quilt, especially the furthest two, provide us with the ability to reduce the down volume in these slightly, as they do little for overall warmth being situated underneath you in general use, thereby helping to reduce the total weight and packed volume of the quilt a small amount.

The new design helps us address some of the commonly raised issues with traditional baffle designs and will be available with all new quilt purchases and those currently on order that have not been cut out yet. 

All the best,

Posted 13 March 2019