Lawson Equipment Guywire

We have been long time friends with Lawson Kline who runs Lawson Equipment along with his wife Danielle. Lawson Equipment is primarily known for making high quality cords and titanium pegs in the USA.

Here is a nice blurb from Lawson on the construction process behind his Guywire cord, and highlights why we choose to stock his cord above all others. There is cheaper cord out there but there won't be better. "You can choose to reward those who strive for excellence or choose to reward those happy with mediocrity" - Simon McGuire Feb 15 2020 - I think this is my new mantra 🤣."

A little about Guywire if you're unfamiliar with it. I have been making a version of this cordage on and off for about 10 years now. It is essentially the same construction as Reflective Glowire, but it has no reflective strands. So think of it as non-reflective Glowire. So it is very low stretch, tangle-resistant, uv resistant, doesn't freeze, holds knots well, and works with a range of hardware depending on the size cord in question. It works great for applications where you do not need a reflective line. In addition to outdoor recreational applications, it also works amazing for tie-downs in the back of your truck, suv, or utility trailer. Especially in the 3mm and 5mm sizes, with a truckers hitch.

The manufacturing process for this product is the same as all of our cords. We have our own braiding machines and we braid this cord in house to be awesome. We start off by plying and assembling the core yarn. I have a special machine that I made that plies and assembles small deniers into much bigger deniers. Then we do the same for the jacket yarns, but depending on the construction we have to slightly twist those in two directions. Once I set the machines up for the production run, they take about a week to make a spool of cord. Usually, this means I run the machines 24/7 as they run very slowly and do not make much cord per hour.

In regards to materials. I am always looking to buy the best. For all of my polyester jacket yarns, I use the highest tenacity dope dyed polyester there is. And I use a 96 Filament yarn rather than the more common 192 Filament yarn. Which means for a given denier there is fewer filaments. Which means the filaments are thicker. To be exact they are 10.4 denier each rather than 5.2 denier each with the finer 192 filament yarn. I primarily use 1000d yarn and ply it up in size. The reason I do this is that I am looking for the best abrasion resistance possible and it also really helps for tangle-resistance. It is why my cords last longer than my competitors. Though they probably don't have a clue what denier or filament yarn their cords have because they don't make it themselves. After the production run is complete (usually about 5,000' long), we measure and cut the cord into 50' or 100' hanks and then package and ship to you and retailers around the world."

You can purchase Lawson Equipment Guywire by clicking here.

Posted 15 February 2020