Hydrapak - Lightweight water storage

Here at Tier Gear we attempt to only select products stock that we consider to be the best in their category, or at the very least the best available to us that possess solid design, high quality materials and functionality. In keeping with this principle we are now stocking HydraPak.

HydraPak's focus is on producing high quality, lightweight, innovative water carry solutions covering a wide range of activities. They offer some of the lightest water carry solutions on the market at present with solid design principles and durability.

Below is some of their products to get us started but we will be adding to the range in the near future. The Seeker 4l and Expedition 8L are due to arrive mid June 2018.

The Shape Shift 2L - Smart design, meet peak performance – also known as the Shape-Shift Reservoir. Our time-tested creation for hydration on the go, it can take a serious beating, it fits nicely in most packs and it’s fully reversible for easy cleaning. Durable, dependable form and function.

The Shape Shift 3L - Like it’s smaller brother, it’s extremely durable, fully reversible for easy cleaning and, like all our reservoirs, helps you perform at your highest levels.

The Seeker 4L - It has a high capacity storage, yet it’s lightweight. The flexible bail handle allows for easy pouring and carrying. It packs away nice and easy. And four side lash points for hanging or pack attachment make it the perfect tool for the long haul.

The Expediton 8L - Perfect for car camping or water for your base camp, it has a wide-mouth Plug-N-Play cap for easy pouring, a flexible handle for effortless carrying and hanging and a free standing design with dual baffles for stability. And as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s lightweight and extremely packable.

The Trek Kit 3L - Sometimes you need one HydraPak product, sometimes you need several. Introducing the all-new Trek Kit, complete with the 3L Seeker storage and delivery system, Plug-N-Play Cap, silicone drink tube with squeeze bulb and drink valve and a dispensing insert. Isn’t it beautiful when things come together?

Posted 27 May 2018