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Deep VS. Shallow cooking pots

Deep VS. Shallow cooking pots Shallow/wide pots The original shallow shape pots from Evernew have a wider bottom surface which makes them more efficient to absorb heat when you are using moderate to...

25 August 2018

New Mist Tarp

18 August 2018

Thylacine wallets - made in Tasmania

15 August 2018

Features of a Mala under quilt

24 July 2018

How to Video: Loop D Loops with whoopie slings

23 July 2018

Quilts are available to order once again

11 July 2018

Quenda Quilts and general news

27 June 2018

Kid's Baselayers

22 June 2018

Ultralight quilts - suspension of sales

21 June 2018

End of Financial Year Sale is on

29 May 2018

Hydrapak - ultralight water storage

27 May 2018

Initial Evernew order due this week.

15 May 2018
Admin/Office Day

Admin/Office Day

14 May 2018

Which Thermal Baselayer Is Best - Merino, Polypro or Merino Fusion?

12 May 2018

Evernew Japan - order update

11 May 2018

Wilderness Wear Merino Outdoor Clothing

10 May 2018

Welcome to a new day

06 May 2018

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners, Elders past and present, of the land upon which we now roam.

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