About Us

Tier Gear is a small family based online business operating from Deloraine, Tasmania. Our focus is on providing the best quality gear we can whether it's DIY materials for people to make their own gear, lightweight camping gear from other manufacturers or the gear we personally make. Quality has always been our focus, quality of product and quality of service.

We, Sarah and Simon,are both originally from NSW. Approximately 5 years ago we decided we needed a major life change. We decided we were going to take our two children, aged 6 months and 1 year 9months, on an adventure and travel indefinitely until our money ran out or we found somewhere new that we wanted to raise our children. So we got our 1995 Land Rover Defender and camper trailer ready for touring, and sold or gave away most of what simply would not fit in our touring rig. Man was there some bargains to be had at our garage sale.

To cut a long story short we ended up in Tasmania after 5 or 6 enjoyable months on the road, with very little money to our name, $200 from memory. We picked up some work and during this time we also identified an opportunity to assist people in Australia to more easily access DIY materials for making outdoor gear, and so we started Tier Gear with very little money for the start up. Our focus was really just to help people out.

Initially it was slow going but we were able to establish solid working relationships with other US and Australian manufacturers and suppliers and we were able to build up a reasonable variety of products, which was well received here in Australia.

The next stage was moving into making our own products starting with camping hammocks and this has moved into other lightweight camping gear, with manufacturing now being the major part of our business but the DIY side remains an integral part of what we do.

It hasn't all been easy but the business has grown to a point where we now both work full-time at Tier Gear. We still work from home, though we are running out of space, and we enjoy working alongside each other and being available for our children whenever they are home from school. It's the lifestyle change we wanted.

We constantly strive to ensure we make the best products we can, that are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional and durable. We also strive to ensure that we offer high quality personal service to our customers, whether they are buying one cord lock or a bunch of quilts.

Kind regards,

Saran, Simon and our two little helpers.