Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which fabric should I choose for a tarp?
We offer primarily two types of fabric suitable for tarp use - coated polyester (Xenon) and a coated nylon (30d silnylon). All have a hydrostatic head rating above 1000mm, which would be the minimum requirement for a tarp fabric.

Generally speaking polyester will have better UV resistance than nylon ( which is why the better nylons add a UV inhibitor as does our 30d silnylon). Polyester has less tear and tensile strength than nylon. Nylon stretches when wet, whilst polyester stretches very little. Most people choose polyester for tarps these days due to the lack of stretch when wet but you are sacrificing some strength, though for hammock and ground tarps the discrepancy in strength will mostly be a non-issue, and over time, all things being equal, with polyester resisting UV better, the discrepancy between nylon and polyester strength may become less. Though the silnylon we offer utilises nylon 66 fibres which has very high strength compared to regular nylon fibres - it is a premium fabric.

So having said that what should you choose? It entirely depends on what your priorities are if you want no stretch when wet so that there is no need to readjust your tarp then go polyester, if you favour high strength and are willing to manage the stretch then go nylon.

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