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Posted on 01 May 2015

I thought I should provide a quick update on new stock due in.

  1. Noseeum mesh - Currently I have more rolls of nosseeum mesh on order and due in soon, both .7oz (nylon) and 1.0oz (polyester). I am very impressed by the consistent quality of this new mesh from USA.

  2. Tyvek - I am sourcing Tyvek (sift structure) 1443R from a new supplier, and am expecting it back in stock in a week or two. I am also considering stocking Tyvek hard structure which some people prefer over the soft structure for a tent footprint.

  3. Climashield insulation - One of my regular suppliers is now stocking Climashield and we are currently working out the best way to get it here so I can offer it a better price. The price will be better though, and it will be stocked more consistently.

  4. Webbing - I will be stocking 20mm, and 38mm polyester webbing along with the 25 and 50mm in the near future primarily for pack making.

  5. Coated fabrics - I will be stocking a new lighter weight silicone coated fabric shortly, I am just waiting to get my hands on it to confirm the quality, but I am expecting it to be good to go. It will be lightweight and low stretch, and great for tarps and tents.
    I am also considering stocking a cheaper urethane coated fabric for a slightly cheaper option.
    New backpack fabrics will also be offered soon.

  6. Breathable fabrics - new colours in Argon 67 will be in soon.

  7. Hammocks - I am working on a new lightweight hammock and making some minor changes to the suspension options. An integrated net option should also be on the horizon - but I am not sure how far away that horizon is.

  8. Quilts - I have plans for synthetic under quilts and top quilts but can't give a deadline as yet. This will include a top quilt specifically for kids.
    I am also still in touch with Marty at Wilderness Logics and would like to stock his down quilts again at some stage.

  9. Cuben Fiber - this will be re-stocked but is some time off at this stage.

  10. Stoves - the new Mini e wood stove from TATO Gear will be in stock soon.

We are continually sourcing new products and better deals to try and offer high quality, good variety, and at a competitive price for people wanting to make their own gear.



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