Updated under quilt instructions

Posted on 10 February 2016DIY MYOG under quilt hammock

Since publishing the instructions to make your own synthetic under quilt, I have made some changes which help simplify the build a little.

1. Cut Climashield and fabric to exact size needed plus hem allowance. For my 3/4 quilt the measurements of the raw fabric are approximately 1050mm x 1470mm

2. Cut out and sew the two end channels. Making the channels around 50-60mm shorter than the quilt width. I cut it 125mm x 1000mm. Hem the two short sides, and I then fold over once in half sew, and then fold in half again and sew giving you a channel which has 4 layers of fabric.
Channel raw fabric cut out

Hem short side

Fold and hem long side

Fold again and sew long side

Finished channel

3. Place Climashield down with the two layers of fabric on top.

4. Pin the long sides ensuring you capture the two layers of fabric and Climashield.

Layers pinned to Climashield

5. Insert the end channels between the 2 layers of fabric, with the hemmed edge of the channel parallel with the edge of the fabric. Centre the channel and pin in place on both ends.

Channel positioned in between layers

Chanell pinned

6. Starting at one of the short ends. Start sewing, with Climashield facing down, from 150mm from the middle (You are going to leave a gap of approximately 300mm at this end to turn the quilt inside out). Sew around the entire perimeter of the quilt and stopping so you have a 300mm gap to turn the quilt inside out.

Sewing with Climashield down

Leave a 300mm gap on one channel end

300mm gap left unsewn

7. Reach in and turn the quilt right side out.

8. Sew up the gap.

Channel with quilt turned inside out

9. Install suspension tie outs as per other tutorial.

Note: You will need to check whether the Climashield gets caught on your sewing machine feed dogs - on mine it doesn't.

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