Sharing your greatness gets you 10% off

Posted on 28 September 2015

For the rest of this month, through October and perhaps beyond you will have an opportunity to get 10% off your next DIY purchase.

In order to generate and encourage a sharing of ideas, thoughts, tips and just the greatness of making your own stuff, when you purchase from the DIY section of our site and then share your build and give instructions or a general run down on how you did it and what materials you used, on a public forum, facebook group, other social media or email it to me to share on our blog or FB page, you will then get 10% off your next Tier Gear purchase on items in the DIY Gear section.

The nitty gritty:
1. You must have purchased a significant portion of the items for your build from the DIY section of our site.
2. You need to provide me with a link to where it was you shared your build, so that I can check out your greatness.
3. There needs to be some instructional content to the build you shared so that others can learn from it and be inspired by it.
4. The build needs to be at the completion stage.
5. The link needs to be open to the public to view.
6. Once I see the link I will generate a once off code for you to use on your next purchase, which will need to be used within 2 months of the code being generated.
7. The 10% off only covers items listed in the DIY section of our site.

If it works like I think it will then this may be an ongoing offer.

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