Sewing a zipper

Posted on 28 September 2015

Sewing a zipper neatly, mystified me for quite some time. This is one way to sew a zipper into your project, with neat and consistent stitching. In this instance I am sewing a #5 coil zipper into a netted hammock.

1. Install the zipper foot to your machine.|

2. Lay your fabric over the zipper coil, and with the side of the zipper foot pressed against the side of the coil, sew a single line of stitching the length of the coil. Having the presser foot running against the coil provides you with a natural guide which gives a consistent distance from the coil to help give that professional look to your project.

3. Change your zipper foot for a 1/4inch (6mm) presser foot.

4. Fold your fabric over the line of stitching that you laid down in step 2 so that you trap the raw edge under the fabric.

5. Again using the coil as a guide with the presser foot against the coil, lay down another line of stitches.

6. If you choose you can then sew another line of stitches parallel to the stitches you laid down in Step 5.

6. Now stand back and admire your brilliance.

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