Making your own Cuben Fiber seam/repair tape

Posted on 29 May 2015

If you are making gear with Cuben Fiber or you own gear made with Cuben, having some Cuben Fiber seam or repair tape is very handy. This tape has Cuben Fiber on one side and adhesive on the other but is usually quite expensive, from $3.50-5 per metre for a 25mm width tape.

Thankfully it is pretty easy to make yourself, if you have some double sided adhesive and scrap Cuben Fiber, most likely if you have made your own Cuben gear. It's as simple as laying down the scraps of Cuben and attaching the double sided adhesive to the Cuben leaving one side of the backing still on the tape. Then you just trim to size. You now have some Cuben Fiber repair tape

I made some thin strips up this morning, of which I use a small amount to reinforce the Cuben stuff sacks. A small hobby/craft knife, and vinyl roller are also very handy tools when working with Cuben Fiber.

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