How do I stuff a down quilt?

Posted on 03 April 2017DIY quilt This post offers a simple method of calculating and stuffing down into your DIY quilt.

Materials needed:

*40mm or 50mm x 400mm length of PVC pipe.
*A piece of dowel of similar to push out the down into the quilt
*Set of scales

Step 1: Once you have sewn in your baffles of your quilt your first step will be to calculate the volume of each baffle. This is a simple equation - length x width x baffle height (in inches). For example 52inches x 5inches x 2.5inches = 650cubic inches (Volume of the baffle).

Inside a baffle

Step 2: To work out how much down you will need to fill your baffle adequately we again use a simple equation. Volume of baffle divided by fill power of the down gives you the oz required. For example 650cubic inches/800 fill power = 0.8125oz.

Step 3: To convert oz into grams we multiply by 28.4. For example 0.8125 x 28.4 = 23.075grams.

Step 4: Standard practice is to add some overstuff to help minimise prevent down migration and loss of loft over time with use. 30% is a common overstuff. So for example 23.075 x 130% = 29.997grams.

Step 5: Lower the PVC pipe into the bag of down and using your hand stuff the down into the PVC pipe and weigh on the scales until you have the amount required. Remember to zero the weight of the pipe on the scales first so that you are just weighing the down.

Step 3: Gently insert the PVC pipe, with down in it, into the baffle and using the dowel push all the down out into the baffle. Secure the end of the baffle opening with a peg or similar to prevent down from escaping.

Step 4: Repeat for all of your baffles.

Step 5: Sew up the baffles and finish off your quilt.

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