Hammock under quilt - Climashield

Posted on 13 October 2015

The instructions contained in this post are possibly the simplest means I know of to make a hammock under quilt using Climashield as the insulation. A similar method could be used to make a top quilt.

Materials used (approximate) were:


  1. Cut Climashield to the approximate size you require for your under quilt. Mine was 1500mm x 1000mm.

  2. Cut fabric slightly wider and approximately 60mm longer at each end. I left it wider just to make it easier and because I was being lazy, though you can cut it to the precise width you require.

  3. Lay down the 2 layers of fabric and then place the Climashield on top. The layers that will end up on the outside are facing each other.

    Climashield on top of fabric

  4. Cut thin strips of scrap fabric or newspaper (25-50mm wide) and lay along each long side of the Climashield. Pin through all layers.

    Scrap fabric pinned to sides

  5. Sew along the thin strips of fabric, and through all layers. The scrap fabric just helps the presser foot not get caught up in the Climashield. Sew in from the edge of the Climashield about 10mm or so.

    Sewing the long edges

  6. Trim any excess fabric on the sides you have just sewn including the scrap fabric if desired.

    Trim excess fabric

  7. Turn the quilt right side out by reaching inside from the unsewn ends.

    Quilt right side out

  8. Sew along the top edge, capturing the top of the Climashield. Repeat at both ends.

    Top edge pinned ready for sewing

    Capturing the end of Climashield

  9. Now getting ready to sew the top draw cord channel, you will need to sew the top edges of the sides. So turn the edge in and sew along the edge on all four corners.

    Sew top side edges closed.

  10. At the unsewn top edge of the fabric fold over the top edge of the fabric and sew down.

  11. Fold over the fabric to the stitch line in step 8 and sew down, forming the draw cord channel. Repeat on other end.

    Sewing draw cord channel

  12. Insert 2mm shock cord through the end channel and attach a cord lock at each end. Repeat at other end.

    Shock cord through end channel

  13. You will need to have some way to attach the quilt to your hammock suspension or end of the hammock. In this instance I have made each side adjustable in length through the use of line locks which are attached to the quilt via a short length of 12mm grosgrain.

  14. Cut a length of grosgrain to your desired length, I cut mine about 140mm. Attach to line lock and melt ends together.

    Line lock on grosgrain

  15. Sew the grograin and line lock to the corner of quilt, making sure you don't sew over the draw cord channel. I use a series of bar tacks but you could just do a X-box stitch. Repeat on all corners.

  16. Cut two lengths of 3mm shock cord to a length that will reach the end of your hammock. Insert each end through the cord locks at the respective ends.

  17. Attach a hook or biner to the 3mm shock cord to allow you to attach it to the hammock suspension easily.

  18. Now go and hang it on your hammock, adjust it so that it is just snug but not too tight to the hammock when you are in it. Use the end draw cords to cinch up the ends just enough not to have any gaps when you are in it. You may need someone to check for you initially.

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Clint Hoebee·04 February 2016 - 11:02amwhats the total weight for this?
how small can you compress/roll this up?


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