Goshawk pricing review

Posted on 01 March 2017

Hi all,
As part of our ongoing process to ensure we remain viable as an Australian manufacturing business we will be reviewing the pricing for all the gear we make starting with our range of camping hammocks.
We kicked off our range of Goshawk hammocks at what I considered a pretty good price a couple of years ago, and I priced it to be competitive with similar offerings in the USA, despite our costs being greater. With our current exchange rate it is now considerably cheaper than any other cottage made camping hammock from the USA, and I would say, of course, that is comparable, if not better, in build quality, durability and comfort to any camping hammock on the market. Can it be improved? Sure it can and we are always looking to make minor adjustments to all the gear we make, whether it be how we make it or the materials we use.
So the purpose of this post is to give you a heads up that the price on our Goshawk Hammocks will be going up in the near future, so if you have been considering grabbing a Goshawk now may be the time.
Happy hanging,

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