DIY hammock ridgeline organiser

Posted on 30 May 2015

DIY Hammock Ridgeline Organiser

This is a mesh organiser to hang from your hammock ridgeline which is handy to store small items such as torch, small book, phone, eye glasses etc.

Items needed:
1. No-see-um mesh. I prefer polyester mesh with a weight of 1.1oz per square yard as it holds itís shape better and is more durable, though you can use lighter mesh if you wish to save a tiny bit of weight.

2. Scissors or rotary cutter. I use both but a rotary cutter will give you a straighter cut for this project.

3. Sewing thread. I used Serafil 60 polyester thread, as that is what I use for most of my projects though any quality thread can be used, such as Rasant 120 or Mara 70.

4. Fabric marker


1.Setup sewing machine with a stitch length of about 3mm and a light top thread tension that will give you a balanced stitch.

2. Cut mesh to size: In this instance I started with a size of 460mm x 350mm.

3. On one of the long ends fold over about 10mm of mesh and sew this down to form a single fold hem. This will be the hem of your organiser pockets, when it is complete.

4. Turn over the mesh, so that the raw edge of the hem you have just sewn is facing down. On the long side that is unhemmed measure down 55mm and place a mark on both sides of the mesh.

5. Take the hem and fold up to the mark you just made, so that the raw edge of the hem is facing out. Align the sides and on the right hand side as you look at it, sew from the top of the hem down to the bottom of the organiser, with about a 9mm hem width.

6. Repeat on the other side but this time start at the bottom and sew to the top of hem line.

7. The organiser is now inside out, so now turn it right side out.

8. You will now see that the top sides of the organiser will want to fold inwards naturally. Starting on the right hand side as you look at the organiser sew down the sides to form a single fold hem at the top of the organiser and continue to the very bottom of the organiser.

9. Repeat on the other side but again starting at the bottom and sewing to the top, making sure you form a small single fold hem on the side.

10. You should now have one big pocket formed. In my design I have 3 pockets one large and 2 small. Measure the halfway mark and sew down starting at the top of the pocket hem and ending at the bottom of the organiser.

11. Next measure from the line that you have just sewn, and place a mark halfway between this point and one side of the organiser. Sew once again from the hem down to the bottom.

12. Now all that is left to do is form a small rolled hem for the ridgeline to pass through at the top of the organiser. Fold over the top of the ridgeline twice to form a rolled hem with a width of about 15mm. Sew this down.

13. Stand back and admire your handy work.

Instructions written: 30/05/15

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