AB-13 Hybrid alcohol stove

Posted on 14 March 2015

I got to play around with the TATO Gear AB-13 Hybrid alcohol stove today. Lately I have been using the AB-13 MAX stove but the size of this little stove makes it ideal for a day trip especially when you just need to boil water for a cuppa. Weight is only 16 grams and the diameter is not much more than a 50 cent piece, you could just carry it in your pocket if you wanted.

If I get the time I will do some boil tests soon and put up the results for boil times and fuel used, perhaps in comparison to the mini Trangia and full size Trangia. I am considering taking the Hybrid and MAX stoves on my Overland track walk in a couple of weeks to see how they perform.

For the AB-13 Hybrid I team it up with a Olicamp Space Saver mug and use a carbon felt windscreen. This combination works well for me. Whereas I find the MAX stove works best with a slightly larger diameter pot/mug.

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