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Posted on 09 December 2014Fabric hammock

I have simplified the choices in fabrics for the Tier Gear hammocks and will now only be offering hammocks in Argon 1.6, PolyD 1.4 and PolyD 1.2. Each of these fabrics are made specifically for camping hammock applications by Dutchware Gear in the USA. Other fabrics on my site are available upon request but the fabrics by Dutch cover most people's needs and are high quality hammock fabrics.

Fabric Argon 1.6 PolyD 1.4 PolyD 1.2
Material Ripstop nylon - 40denier Ripstop polyester - 30denier Ripstop polyester - 20 denier

Maximum weight rating

125kg 115kg 90kg

Fabric weight - linear metre

81g 78.5 59.35


Moderate Low Low

Forest green, brown, woodland camo, charcoal grey

Navy blue, deep purple, charcoal grey, olive green Brown, brick red, black, yellow-orange
Texture - what does it feel like? Has more of a cotton feel Satin/Silk Satin/Silk

So what fabric should you choose? It is such a difficult question as it varies from person to person, and especially if you don't have experience with hammocks and different fabrics. The PolyD certainly has a more firmer feel, whereas the Argon has a bit more give and stretch. Some people like the support given by the PolyD, whereas others like the feel and stretch of the Argon. Either way I don't think you can go wrong.

... and then there is whether to go with a double layer!!! I might save that for another day.

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