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Posted on 11 April 2014DIY stove

One of the best things with running a store such as Tier Gear is I get to work with cool people like Dutch, from Dutchware Gear, Marty from Wilderness Logics, and Bryan from TATO Gear, along with other Australian and American suppliers.

Bryan from TATO Gear makes some really nice little camping stoves, as well as some neat hammock camping hardware. One of Bryan's stoves that I am very pleased to stock and use is his AB-13 MAX stove which is a compact, lightweight (23grams), alcohol stove with remote feed. This little thing really packs a punch for a compact alcohol stove.

MAX Stove up close

One of the minor criticisms that I have received from customers is that the container it comes in weighs more than the stove itself. For those that like to keep weight to a minimum this can be problematic. To be honest the stove was so lightweight anyway I hadn't even thought of it before, but it makes sense to want to keep it as light as possible.

MAX stove container

This morning I grabbed some offcuts of Tyvek and sewed a small stuff sack, including 2mm poly cord and a mini cord lock. This probably took me less than 5 minutes to make, and is a simple project which can help cut down some weight.

MAX on tyvek stuff sack

Tyvek stuff sack with stove, hose, bottle and connector

Tyvek stuff sack upright cinched

This stuff sack weighs 2 grams and fits the stove, silicone hose, remote feed connector and a 30ml (1oz) fuel bottle. Obviously you can make the bag to any size. I considered using Cuben Fibre for the stuff sack but Tyvek makes this a much cheaper project.

Sorry I didn't take any photo's of the making of the bag but if people want this I can make another one to show you the steps.

To make the stuff sack I simply cut out a piece of Tyvek 2400mm wide x 1300mm high. Along one long side I folded over 2 corners and aboout 10mm of Tyvek and sewed an end channel. Then I folded the Tyvek in half along the long side with the end channel facing out and sewed along the bottom and side up to the end channel. Then it's just a matter of turning the bag inside out and threading through your cord, and attaching the cord lock. It may be easier to insert the cord prior to sewing.

Hope that helps someone.

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Anon·13 June 2015 - 09:30pmYou are obviously a fisherman:

'To make the stuff sack I simply cut out a piece of Tyvek 2400mm wide x 1300mm high.' THAT'S some stuff sack!

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