New down supplier sourced

Posted on 23 January 2015

Good news DIYers. It looks like I have secured a USA supplier for 850fp water resistent treated down for a much better price. This is going to ensure that making your own quilt or other down products will be not only personally rewarding but also economically worthwhile. Being water resistant treated down it should also help with one of the problems with using down, that is, getting it wet reduces performance significantly.

Part of the pricing is that it is grey duck down. Grey down is not as sought after as white down, and duck down is not as sought after as goose down plus the supply of duck down is greater. There should be very little difference in quality between duck and goose down. Essentially down is down.

Also this supplier is a signatory to the Responsible Down Standard which tries to ensure duck or goose down is always ethically sourced.

I should be placing an order over the next couple of days.

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