Hammock setup - one of many options

Posted on 16 December 2014

One of the most difficult things for people starting off in the hammock camping world is the huge number of options available. One of those options once you have your hammock rigged to your liking how is the best method to set it up. Well this wont be the best method for everyone but it's my preference.

Whilst I am constantly changing how I rig my hammocks, using different suspension and hardware etc, the method for setup remains pretty constant, whether it be straps with cinch buckles, whoopie slings or speed hooks. I prefer to store my suspension detached from my hammock. Most setup videos I see people have their suspension already setup on their hammock but I just find that a bit messy, it is quick though and has it's advantages also.

My setup usually runs like this:

1. Attach the first tree strap, walk to next tree and attach second strap.
2. If its the speed hook I lock it in or roughly adjust whoopie hook position.
3. With the hammock still in the double ended stuff sack I have the cinch buckle or continuous loop hanging out either end of the sack. I also have different coloured loops to differentiate the head end from the foot end.

4. Walk to first tree thread cinch buckle or attach loop to speed hook or whoopie hook, with hammock still in the sack.

5. Walk to next tree pulling out the hammock from the sack as I go and thread cinch buckle or attach loop to other hook.

6. Adjust and relax.

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