DIY double ended stuff sack

Posted on 08 December 2014

The double ended stuff sack is a handy addition to your hammock or tarp, allowing a quick setup and pack up, plus they are very easy to make yourself.

Materials used for this project were:

  • 1.8oz nylon taffeta
  • 2mm poly cord
  • Mini cordlock
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marking pencil
  • Sewing thread. I use Serafil 40 which is a polyester continuous filament thread, but any good quality thread would be fine on this project.
  • Sewing needle size: 14
  • Sewing machine: 1950's Singer 99K


1. Mark out and cut your fabric. In this instance I was making a stuff sack for a single layer 1.9oz hammock so I cut out my fabric 450mm x 450mm.

Fabric marked out ready for cutting

2. Now we are goin to prepare to sew rolled hems on 2 sides of the fabric, this is to hide the raw edge of the fabric and also provide some strength to the sack when you sew it all together. On two opposing sides mark the fabric 20mm and 30mm from the edge and draw lines across the fabric at these points.

Rolled hems marked out

3.Fold the edge of the fabric to the first line and crease the edge, then fold the fabric to the second line and again crease the edge. Repeat on the other side of the fabric. You are now ready to sew a rolled hem. If you want you can use pins to hold the hem down but I find the creasing and drawn lines give a good indicator. You can also skip this all together and just go freehand. It depends how accurate you want to be.

Fold to first line
Folded to second line

4.Sew one line of stitching down the length of your folded hem, folding and re-creasing where necessary to keep it all aligned, and repeat for the other hem. A stitch length of 7-8 would be fine.

First line of stitching on rolled hem

Rolled hem stitched

5. Next we are going to create an end channel at both of the unsewn ends of your fabric. Again the same when creating the rolled hems you have just done mark the fabric this time at 20mm and 40mm from the raw edge, and draw lines across the fabric at these points.

6. Fold the raw edge to the first line, crease, and then fold again to the second line and crease.

7. Sew a single line of stitching creating your end channel, making sure to lock the stitch at the start and end of your stitching (by going back and forth for a few stitches).

Sewing end channel

End channels sewn

8.Run your cord through the end channel and cut to length. Usually about 75-100mm wider than your fabric on each side is plenty.

Cord through end channel

9.Next fold the fabric in half so that the sack is facing wrong side out, align the rolled hem edges and sew a single line of stitching 2-3mm from the outside edge, the line you previously sewed from your rolled hem will be on the left hand side of your presser foot (this makes the seam visible on the outside of your sack but I quite like that look). Again make sure to lock the stitch at the start and end of your stitching.

Sewing sack together

Sack sewn togther

10. Next turn the sack inside out, thread on the cord lock and tie a knot in the 2 lines of cord so that the cordlock can't come off.

Stuff sack complete

Stuff sack stuffed
11. Now stuff the sack with your hammock or tarp and go camping.

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