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Posted on 07 October 2014Thread

An essential part of any DIY project is obviously the thread we use. For outdoor gear often the mantra I heard was any polyester thread will do, and I probably used this myself, but there is just so much more to it once you start to do a bit of research. I am certainly no expert on thread but I am more aware of some of the differences than I once was. A good article to read is this one: A thread of truth

For most of my projects now I am using Amann's Serafil, not the cheapest but certainly a high quality continuous filament polyester thread, with an enormous range of colours. Amann also has another thread which is popular with the DIYers which is their Rasant thread, which is a core spun thread. It has a polyester core with cotton outer covering. You will often seen this referred to on the Backpackinglight forum.

Of course the most easily obtainable threads, and probably used, is the Gutermann threads like Mara, and their Sew-All range which in Australia you will often find in shops like Spotlight. In the past I have used Mara 70 for most of my projects and found it a very functional thread over a wide variety of projects. It will also work on home machines without any issues whereas some threads like Serafil and Gutermans Tera 40 has been known to not work as well on some home machines. The only issue I have encountered with Serafil has been in use on my webbing used for hammock tree straps which has quite a tight weave, for this I will be using a bonded thread.

Eventually I will be offering Amann's Serafil and Rasant thread along side Gutermann's Tera 40 and Mara 70 so that people have more options over a variety of projects, if like me they are becoming thread snobs. Personally I just like using the best of anything that I can get, as long as it's affordable, and that includes the thread.

Edit: Serafil 40 has just been added to the site: Serafil 40

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