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Whoopie Hook suspension
Whoopie Hook suspension

Whoopie Hook suspension$68.00 AUD

Strap length and colour:
Whoopie colour:

Made from titanium, Whoopie Hooks weigh only 3.4 grams and will hold up to 450kg. They will snap on to 7/64 Amsteel, and are easy to connect, easy to disconnect but will stay on until you unhook them.

The Whoopie Hooks are spliced onto the adjustable loop of your whoopie slings, and come with 200mm continuous loops to attach to your hammock (if you have an older Hennessy Hammock you will need a longer loop - email me if you are unsure).

Price includes 2 whoopie slings, 2 whoopie hooks, 2 continuous loops and 2 x tree straps either 1.6 or 2metres in length.

Whoopie colour - black or blue

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