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Polyester webbing per metre
Polyester webbing per metre

Polyester webbing per metre$1.05

Width and colour:

Australian made polyester webbing. This is the ideal webbing for robust hammock suspension and back packs. It has a tight weave providing excellent abrasion resistance.

A synthetic, man made fiber selected for its strength and resistance to ultraviolet deterioration. A low shrinkage high tenacity yarn is used in this webbing and a thermo fixing process in the dyeing to give the most optimum results polyester is capable of.

Properties of our polyester webbing are:
– Superior water, wind and environmental resistance
– Resistant to mildew
– Resistant to most chemicals
– Resistant to stretching and shrinking
– High abrasion resistance
– Very high tensile strength
– High colour and light fastness
– Quick drying
– Easily cleaned

Available in black. 25mm also available in blue.

Tensile strength: 563kg (20mm); 650kg (25mm); 900kg (38mm); 1200kg (50mm)
Width: 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm
Thickness: 20mm = 1.12mm, 25mm = 1.15
Weight: 24g/m (25mm); 50g/m (50mm)

Sold by the metre

Made in Australia.

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