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Cinch Buckles
Cinch Buckles
Cinch Buckles
Cinch Buckles

Cinch Buckles$7.00

Add ons:

The cinch buckles are the most simplistic and easiest way to hang your hammock. These timeless devices have proven themselves in all kinds of weather. They are normally attached to the hammock with a UHMWPE rope continuous loop (not included in purchase). A tree strap (purchased separately) made from 25mm webbing provides all the adjustment. Just wrap your strap around the tree and pass through the strap loop, or fasten with Dutch Clip or Carabiner. Pull the strap to get the right amount of sag and your done. No back-up knot is needed.

Tier Gear will add a continuous loop directly on your cinch buckles, just add it to your order by selecting the length of the finished loop you require.

Price is for a pair.

Weight is 64 grams (with a 200mm loop attached) per pair

Made in USA.

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