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2-way separating zipper
2-way separating zipper

2-way separating zipper$15.95 AUD$12.50 AUD

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This product is patent pending
This is a very special nylon zipper that is designed and made exclusively for Dutchware. It is a light weight 2-way separating zipper that is different from every zipper out there on the market. It opens in the middle allowing you to put the opening of the zipper pulls where you want them. The best part is you now can make a hammock that has a removable bugnet or top cover. It is a #3 or #5 coil zipper with two pulls that open between them. Also you can sew half a zipper on the hammock and the other half on a bugnet.How is this different form other 2-way separating zippers? Because other designs open from the outside and when the zipper is closed the pulls are where you can't reach them and don't open in the middle. They come in 3 lengths, 103 inches, 115 inches, and 208 inches.

#3 - 103"/32 grams
#3 - 115"/36 grams
#3 - 208"/62 grams
#5 - 103"/59.2 grams
#5 - 115"/63.2 grams
#5 - 208"/89.2 grams

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