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Zing-it/Lash-it  Dyneema - 15metres
Zing-it/Lash-it  Dyneema - 15metres

Zing-it/Lash-it Dyneema - 15metres$17.70 AUD

Size and colour:

Made from Dyneema fiber, this twine yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available. The proprietary urethane coating Samthane adds to the twine's wear life, ensures the knot-holding capability of the twine, and gives the twine its distinctive grey color for Lash-It and yellow or red for Zing-It.

This cord can be spliced and can be a good choice for tarp ridgelines, hammock ridgelines, and tarp and tent guylines especially where hardware is used. Due to it's slippery nature it's not always the best choice for when knots are to be used.

Zing-it 1.75mm (yellow or red), Lash-it 1.75mm (grey) - works great with all the Dutchware Gear hardware
Weight rating: 230kg
Weight: 1.65 grams / metre

Zing-it 2.2mm (yellow), Lash-it 2.2mm (grey) - stronger than the 1.75mm it can be a good choice for a stronger hammock ridgeline.
Weight rating 290kg
Weight: 2.4 grams/metre

Price is for a 15 metre length. Ordering 2 units will get you 2 separate lengths of 15 metres.

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