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Titanium hook pegs
Titanium hook pegs

Titanium hook pegs$3.95 AUD


Manufactured by Dutchware Gear using the highest quality Grade-5 Titanium, which has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on earth, making our tent pegs super lightweight and incredibly strong. These pegs feature a design improvement over others on the market, the Apex is over the spine. This makes these tent pegs stronger, easier to drive, and gives them more holding power.

The Ultralight stakes are the lightest on the market and work great in medium to firm rocky soils.
Length: 160mm
Diameter: 3mm
Weight: 6.25 grams

The Burly stakes are the UL stakes on steriods. They are made from a much thicker rod and are by far the strongest titanium hook style peg available.

Length: 178mm
Diameter: 4mm
Weight:11.0 grams.

Made in the USA by Dutchware Gear.

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