Technora Toughlaces
Technora Toughlaces

Technora Toughlaces$16.95 AUD

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Please note: we only have one size and limited stock - more laces are due in soon.

Technora Toughlace are one of the strongest, most burly boot/shoe lace ever created. They are 8 times stronger than steel, fire resistant up to 932 degree F, highly abrasion resistant, hard as hell to cut, and unlike other round laces these were designed to stay tied all day long. They work as hard as you do and are guaranteed never to fail.

They are made from Technora fiber which is a high tech para-aramid like Kevlar, but it excels in flex fatigue which means it has great bending strength. So its commonly used in fire rescue ropes to save lives, body armor to stop bullets, and high performance sails to win world cup races. To make sure they are tough enough, we use over 3,000lbs worth of 100% Technora. And to ensure maximum strength and abrasion resistance, we braid the laces as dense and tight as possible. But we don't stop there, because a lace is only as good as its tip. And we all know, a broken tip ain't gonna get you too far. So we fit the ends with a crimped on metal tip. The results are bootlace that will outlast your boots. And if they don't, send them back for a free replacement.

Like all of Lawson's products, these are designed, tested and made by them, on their braiding machines and finished in house by hand, right here in the USA.

They are sold as a pair.

The diameter is roughly 9/64"(3.5mm) which is equal to a common round bootlace.

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