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Tarp Flyz
Tarp FlyzTarp Flyz
Tarp Flyz
Tarp FlyzTarp Flyz

Tarp Flyz$12.50 AUD$10.00 AUD


A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line.
Made from titanium, Dutch Flyz are the smallest, strongest, and fastest way to tie off to a tree without actually tying and untying a knot, even when wearing gloves.
Designed for the most weight conscious hiker Dutch Flyz weigh only 2 grams.
They can be moved easily to any part of your ridgeline and quickly locked into position. Their unique design will hold in the windiest condition and never need a backup knot.

Option: We can splice on a length of Zing-it or Lash-it, with a fixed loop on one end to girth hitch to your tarp, and a back splice on the other end so the Tarp Flyz can never come off and give a professional look.

Designed to use with 1.75mm hollow braid rope like Zing-it or Lash-it.

Weight: 2 grams
Made in USA by Dutchware Gear
Price is for a single Tarp Flyz.

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