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Whoopie Sling (single)
Whoopie Sling (single) $9.50 AUD
Titanium Dutch Clips
Titanium Dutch Clips $29.95 AUD
Out of stock
Double Hammock Whoopie hooks
Double Hammock Whoopie hooks WAS $27.50 AUD
NOW $22.00 AUD
Adutchable clips
Adutchable clips WAS $33.00 AUD
NOW $25.00 AUD
Whoopie sling suspension kit
Whoopie sling suspension kit $36.00 AUD
Sew-on Dutch Clips (pair)
Sew-on Dutch Clips (pair) WAS $29.95 AUD
NOW $25.00 AUD
Whoopie Hook suspension
Whoopie Hook suspension $68.00 AUD
Mandible buckle - pair
Mandible buckle - pair $16.50 AUD
Cinch buckle suspension kit
Cinch buckle suspension kit $36.00 AUD
Toggles $2.75 AUD
Whoopie Hooks
Whoopie Hooks WAS $27.00 AUD
NOW $22.00 AUD
Tree straps - two loops  (pair)
Tree straps - two loops (pair) $18.95 AUD
Tree straps - one loop (pair)
Tree straps - one loop (pair) $13.95 AUD
Continuous loop
Continuous loop $3.85 AUD
Fixed structural ridgeline - hammock
Fixed structural ridgeline - hammock $9.35 AUD
Adjustable hammock ridgeline
Adjustable hammock ridgeline $15.40 AUD
Suspension extension
Suspension extension $5.00 AUD
Reflective Dyneema - 15metres
Reflective Dyneema - 15metres WAS $22.50 AUD
NOW $17.95 AUD
Mini-D carabiner - wire gate
Mini-D carabiner - wire gate $2.50 AUD
Cinch Buckles
Cinch Buckles $7.00 AUD
Amsteel Blue - 15metres
Amsteel Blue - 15metres $22.50 AUD
Ring stopper - 4mm
Ring stopper - 4mm $0.15 AUD
Mini Carabiner with eyelet
Mini Carabiner with eyelet $13.75 AUD

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