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Aluminium windscreen
Aluminium windscreen
Aluminium windscreen
Aluminium windscreen

Aluminium windscreen$14.30 AUD$11.50 AUD


Protect your flame from the elements with a windscreen. Use these windscreens with your favorite alcohol stove to block wind and to retain heat. Use your stakes through the side holes to create a pot stand. Pot stand holes are 2 inches from the bottom. All windscreens are 4 inches tall, and come in 3 different diameters to suit your pot size 5, 6 and 7 inch.

This windscreen rolls up so you can store it in your pot when on the move.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH SIDE JET STOVES. If a side jet stove is to be used, assure the windscreen is a large enough diameter to prevent overheating from the flames. Metal deformation will occur and destroy the windscreen.

5 inch = 25grams
6 inch = 30grams
7 inch = 34grams

Made in the USA by TATO Gear

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