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AB-13 MAX alcohol stove
AB-13 MAX alcohol stove
AB-13 MAX alcohol stove
AB-13 MAX alcohol stove

AB-13 MAX alcohol stove$69.95 AUD


The AB-13 MAX Hybrid Alcohol Stove builds on the technology of the AB-13 Hybrid. At 1.5 times the diameter of the original, this stove packs a powerful punch with more than double the BTU. Still with integrated pot stand legs for easy use. It brings the best of both worlds together in a compact, light weight alcohol burner that is a hot burning design. This super strong design is rugged and sleek yet strong enough to place your larger pots on. This stove can be remote fed and extends burn times.

It comes with lightweight storage sack, silicone tubing, remote feed cap and a 60ml remote feed bottle, if you require extra bottles they can be purchased separately.

Product Specs-

Weight: 23 grams
Folded: 55 mm x 22 mm
Unfolded: 63 mm X 34 mm
Anodized Aluminium

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